WW2 P.O.W. Camps in the UK


Camp List

1Grizedale Hall, Cumberland1939 - 19461Grizedale6/9/2019
2 / 168 / 176Glen Mills, Lancashire1939 - 19472Glenmill6/9/2019
2Toft Hall Camp, Cheshire1942 - 19482Tofthall6/9/2019
2 / 780Woodhouselee, MidlothianBasic details2Woodhouselee7/9/2019
3 / 63Balhary Camp, Perthshire3Balhary7/9/2019
4Scraptoft, Leicestershire4Scraptoft7/9/2019
4Windlestone Hall Camp, Durham1940 - ?4Windlestonehall8/9/2019
4 / 288Gilling Camp, Yorkshireaka Hartforth4Gilling7/9/2019
5Monrush Camp, Tyrone5Monrush8/9/2019
5/13/58/179/297The Hayes, Swanwick, Derbyshire1940 - ?+ Huthwaite5Thehayes8/9/2019
5Duff House, Banff, Aberdeenshire1940 - ?5Duffhouse8/9/2019
6 / 296aDoncaster Racecourse, Yorkshire Basic details6Doncasterrace8/9/2019
6 / 685Long Marston Camp, Warwickshire 6Longmarston8/9/2019
6Glenbranter Camp, Argyllshire 1940 - 1942 6Glenbranter8/9/2019
6aAshton Court, Somersetshire 6aAshtoncourt8/9/2019
7Winter Quarter Camp, Berkshire aka Swinley Estate7Winterquarter10/9/2019
7South Brent Camp, Devonshire7Southbrent10/9/2019
8 /9 /12a /177Warth Mills, Lancashire1940 - 19488Warthmills11/9/2019
8Mile House, Shropshire8Milehouse11/9/2019
9 / 681Kempton Park Camp, Surrey1940 - ?9Kemptonpark12/9/2019
9 / 183Quorn Camp, Leicestershire1945 - 19489Quorn12/9/2019
10Gosford Camp, Armagh1942 - 194510Gosford13/9/2019
10 / 11Cockfosters / Trent Park, Middlesex1940 - ?10cockfosters13/9/2019
10 / 106Stamford Camp, Lincolnshire10Stamford13/9/2019
11 / 198Island Farm Camp, Glamorganshire ? - 194811Islandfarm14/9/2019
11Racecourse Camp, Yorkshire? - 194511Racecourse14/9/2019
11Gilford, Portadown11Gilford14/9/2019
11a / 122Rayner’s Lane, Middlesex1944 - 194611aRayners14/9/2019
12Elmfield Camp, Armagh12Elmfield15/9/2019
12 / 15Donaldson’s School, Midlothian1940 - ?12Donaldsons15/9/2019
13 / 15Shap Wells Camp, Cumberland1941 - 194613Shap16/9/2019
14 / 112Doonfoot Camp, Ayrshire14Doonfoot17/9/2019
14 / 172 / 682Holywood Camp, Down1940 - ?14Holywood17/9/2019
16Prees Heath, Shropshire1940/1 - 194116Prees18/9/2019
16 / 175Flaxley Green Camp, Staffordshire16Flaxley18/9/2019
16Gosford Camp, East Lothian1944 - ?16Gosford18/9/2019
17Lodge Moor Camp, Yorkshire17Lodgemoor19/9/2019
1722 Hyde Park Gardens, London17_22Hydepark19/9/2019
18Featherstone Park, Northumberland1944 - 1948+ Plenmeller18Featherstone29/9/2019
19Happendon Camp, Lanarkshireaka Happenden /
Douglas Castle
20Bickham Camp, DevonshireBasic details20Bickham2/10/2019
20 / 300Wilton Park, Buckinghamshire1940 - 194820Wilton2/10/2019
20 / 158Bramham Camp, Yorkshire 20Bramham2/10/2019
21Comrie Camp, Perthshire1941 - 1948aka Cultybraggan21Comrie3/10/2019
22Pennylands Camp, Ayrshire1943 - 1946+U-boat sub-camp22Pennylands4/10/2019
22 / 157Bourton Camp, Gloucestershire22Bourton4/10/2019
23 / 410Le Marchant Camp, Wiltshire1941 - 194723LeMarchant5/10/2019
23Greenfields Camp, ShropshireVery basic details23Greenfields5/10/2019
23 / 1004 / 1023Sudbury Camp, Derbyshire23Sudbury5/10/2019
23Kingwood, SurreyVery basic details23Kingwood5/10/2019
24No.4 General Hospital, Cheshire1940 - 194224No4General6/10/2019
24Knapdale, Argyll1942 - ?Aka Cairnbaan24Knapdale6/10/2019
25Lodge Farm Camp, Berkshire1941 - 194825LodgeFarm7/10/2019
25Cloister Crofts Camp, Warwickshire25Cloister7/10/2019
26Barton Field Camp, Cambridgeshire1941 - ?26Barton8/10/2019
27Ledbury Camp, Herefordshire1941 - ?27Ledbury9/10/2019
273 Magdala Road, Nottinghamshire27Magdala9/10/2019
28Garendon Park, Leicestershireaka Knighthorpe28Garendon12/10/2019
29Royston Heath Camp, Hertfordshire1941 - ?29Royston13/10/2019
29Ormskirk, LancashireV little29Ormskirk13/10/2019
29Claremont, MonmouthshireAlmost nil29Claremont13/10/2019
30Carpenters Road Camp, London? - 1948+ Wanstead Flats30Carpenters13/10/2019
30Anglesey House, Hampshire30Anglesey13/10/2019
31Ettington Park Camp, Warwickshire? - 1948Possibly 23231Ettington14/10/2019
32Brondesbury Hostel, Kilburn32Brondesbury14/10/2019
32Wormwood Scrubs, Londonaka Scrubs Lane32Scrubs14/10/2019
32Plas Llwynon Camp, Angleseyaka Glan Morfa32Anglesey14/10/2019
33 / 610 / 632 / 653Old Windmills Camp, Oxfordshire33OldWindmills15/10/2019
33 / 122GDancers Hill, Hertfordshire1943 - ?33Dancers15/10/2019
33 / 670aShorncliffe Camp, KentLittle33Shorncliffe15/10/2019
34 / 1018Acksea Camp, Shropshire34Acksea16/10/2019
34Warebanks Camp, Orkneyaka Tankerness34Warebanks16/10/2019
35Boughton Park, Northamptonshire35BoughtonParkREV 17/2/2020
36Walworth Castle, Durham36Walworth17/10/2019
36Hartwell Dog Track, Buckinghamshire1942 - ?36Hartwell17/10/2019
37Sudley Castle Camp, Gloucestershire1942 - 194837Sudeley18/10/2019
37 / 553Colley Lane, Bridgwater, Somerset37Colley18/10/2019
38Pool Park Camp, Denbighshire? - 194838PoolPark18/10/2019
39Maxstoke Castle Camp, Warwickshire39Maxstoke19/10/2019
40Somerhill Camp, Kent40Somerhill19/10/2019
41Ganger Camp, Hampshire41Ganger20/10/2019
42Exhibition Field Camp, Devon1942 - 194842Exhibition20/10/2019
43Harcourt Hill Camp, Oxfordshire? - 194743Harcourt21/10/2019
44Goathurst Camp, Somerset? - 194844Goathurst21/10/2019
45 / 180Trumpington Camp, Cambridgeshire1941 - ?45Trumpington22/10/2019
46Kingsfold Camp, Sussex46Kingsfold22/10/2019
47Motcombe Park Camp, Dorset47Motcombe23/10/2019
48Greenfield Farm Camp, Radnorshire1942 - ?+ Dorstone48Greenfield23/10/2019
49Farndon Road, Leicestershire? - 1947aka Harrington49FarndonRoad24/10/2019
50Garswood Park, Lancashire? - 194850Garswood24/10/2019
51Allington, Lincolnshire51Allington25/10/2019
52Nether Headon Camp, Lincolnshire52Nether25/10/2019
53Sandbeds Camp, Yorkshire+ Sherburn53Sandbeds26/10/2019
54Hampton Lovett, Droitwich, Worcestershireaka Longbridge54Hampton26/10/2019
55Shalstone Camp, Buckinghamshire1942 - ?+ Haversham, Sherington55Shalstone26/10/2019
56Botesdale, Suffolk56Botesdale27/10/2019
57Merrow Down Camp, Surrey1942 - 194857Merrow27/10/2019
58Nether Heage, Derbyshireaka Firs58NetherHeage28/10/2019
59Sawtry Camp, Huntingdonshire59Sawtry28/10/2019
60Overdale Camp, Skipton, Yorkshire60Overdale29/10/2019
60Rockworks Camp, Orkney1942 - 194460Rockworks29/10/2019
61Wynolls Hill, Gloucestershire61Wynols30/10/2019
62The Moor Camp, Lanarkshire62The Moor30/10/2019
64Castle Rankine Camp, Stirlingshire? - 194764CastleRankine31/10/2019
64 / 242Cowden Camp, Perthshire64Cowden31/10/2019
65Setley Plain, Hampshire1942 - 194765Setley1/11/2019
65Bank Hall, LancashireV little65BankHall1/11/2019
66Calvine Camp, Perthshire66Calvine2/11/2019
67Sandyhillock Camp, Banffshire67Sandyhillock2/11/2019
68Hallmuir Farm Camp, Dumfrieshire68Hallmuir4/11/2019
69Darras Hall, Northumbria1943 - ?69Darras4/11/2019
70Henllan Bridge, Cardiganshire1943 - ?70Henllan5/11/2019
71Sheriff Hales Camp, Shropshireaka Sheriffhales71Sheriffhales8/11/2019
71Lower Hare Park, Cambridgeshire71LowerHare8/11/2019
72Duck's Cross Camp, Bedfordshire72DucksCross9/11/2019
73Storwood Camp, Yorkshire73Storwood9/11/2019
74Racecourse Camp, Tarporley, Cheshire74Tarporley10/11/2019
75Northhill Camp, Kincardineshire75Northhill10/11/2019
76Merry Thought Camp, Cumberland76Merrythought11/11/2019
76 / 276Dymond's Farm, Devon76Dymonds11/11/2019
77Annsmuir Camp, Fife? - 194877Annsmuir12/11/2019
78High Garrett Camp, Essex78HighGarrett12/11/2019
79Moorby Camp, Lincolnshire79Moorby14/11/2019
80Horbling Camp, Lincolnshire80Horbling14/11/2019
81Pingley Farm Camp, Lincolnshire81Pingley15/11/2019
82Hempton Green Camp, Norfolkaka Pudding Norton82Hempton15/11/2019
83 / 250Eden Camp, Yorkshire1943-194883EdenREV 5/2/2020
84Sheet Camp, Shropshire84Sheet16/11/2019
85Victoria Camp, Suffolk? - 194885Victoria17/11/2019
86Stanhope Camp, Kent86Stanhope17/11/2019
86a / 282Woodchurch Camp, Kent86Woodchurch18/11/2019
87Byfield Camp, Northamptonshire87Byfield18/11/2019
88Mortimer Camp, Berkshire88Mortimer19/11/2019
89Easton Grey Camp, Wiltshire89Easton19/11/2019
90Friday Bridge, Cambridgeshire90Friday20/11/2019
91Post Hill Camp, Yorkshire91PostHill20/11/2019
92Bampton Road Camp, Devon92Bampton21/11/2019
93Harperley Camp, Durham1943-1948+ Oaklands93Harperley21/11/2019
94Gaulby Road, Leicestershire1943-?94Gaulby22/11/2019
95Batford Camp, Hertfordshire1943 -?95Batford22/11/2019
96Wolseley Road Camp, Staffordshire?-194796Wolseley23/11/2019
97Birdingbury, Warwickshire97Birdingbury23/11/2019
98Little Addington, Northamptonshire98LittleAddington24/11/2019
99Military Hospital, Chepstow99ChepstowMH24/11/2019
99Military Hospital, StaffordshireShugborough99ShugboroughMHREV - 4/12/2019
100St Martins Camp, Shropshire100StMartins25/11/2019
101Glandulas Camp, Montgomeryshire101Glandulas25/11/2019
102Llanddarog Camp, Carmarthenshire102Llanddarog26/11/2019
103Moota Camp, Cumberland103Moota26/11/2019
104Beela River Camp, Westmorelandaka Bela River104Beela27/11/2019
105Inchdrewer House, Midlothian105Inchdrewer27/11/2019
105 / bWooler Camp, Northumberland105WoolerRev 5/12/2019
107Penleigh Camp, Somerset107Penleigh28/11/2019
108Thirkleby Camp, Yorkshire108Thirkleby29/11/2019
109Brahan Castle (Estate), Ross-shire109Brahan29/11/2019
110Stuartfield Camp, Aberdeenshireaka Crichie110Stuartfield29/11/2019
111Deer Park Camp, Aberdeenshire111DeerParkMonymusk30/11/2019
112Kingencleugh Camp, Ayrshire? - 1946112Kingencleugh30/11/2019
113Holm Park Camp, Wigtownshire113HolmPark30/11/2019
114Eden Vale Camp, Westbury, Wiltshire114EdenVale1/12/2019
115White Cross Camp, Cornwall115WhiteCross1/12/2019
116Mill Lane Camp, Essex116MillLane1/12/2019
117Walderslade Camp, Kent? - 1948117Walderslade2/12/2019
118Mardy Camp, Monmouthshire118Mardy2/12/2019
119Pabo Hall Camp, Caernarvonshire119PaboHall3/12/2019
120Sunlaws Camp, Roxburghshire120Sunlaws3/12/2019
121 / 211 / 905Scriven Hall Camp, YorkshireDates listed121Scriven3/12/2019
121Racecourse Camp, Ripon, Yorkshire? - 1946121Ripon3/12/2019
122 / 274Ministry of Works Camp, MiddlesexOxhey / Hatch End122OxheyLane4/12/2019
123Dalmahoy Camp, Midlothian123Dalmahoy4/12/2019
124 / aBedminster Camp, Gloucestershire124Bedminster5/12/2019
124Wapley Camp, Gloucestershire124Wapley5/12/2019
125Newlands House, London125Newlands5/12/2019
126Melland Camp, Lancashire126Melland6/12/2019
127 / 296Potter's Hill, Yorkshire+ Ravenfield127PottersREVREV 9/12/2019
128Meesden, HertfordshireAlmost 0128Meesden7/12/2019
129Ashford (Lodge) Camp, Essex1944 -Aka Golden Meadow129AshfordLodge7/12/2019
130West Fen Militia, Cambridgeshire130WestFen7/12/2019
131Uplands Camp, Norfolk131Uplands8/12/2019
132Kimberley Park, Norfolk132Kimberley8/12/2019
133Hetton House Camp, Northumberland133Hetton8/12/2019
134Loxley Hall, Staffordshire134Loxley9/12/2019
135Stanbury House Camp, Berkshire135Stanbury9/12/2019
136High Hall Camp, Yorkshire136HighHall9/12/2019
136a / 264Welton House Camp, Yorkshire136aWelton10/12/2019
137Chaddlewood House Camp, Devon? - 1948137Chaddlewood10/12/2019
137Hazledene (Elburton) Camp, DevonV little137Hazeldene10/12/2019
137bWinsford Towers Camp, DevonV little137bWinsford11/12/2019
138The Rectory Camp, Lincolnshire138Rectory11/12/2019
139Wolviston Hall, Durham+ Coxhoe139WolvistonREV 6/2/2020
140Warwick Racecourse, Warwickshire140WarwickRacecourse12/12/2019
141Beeson House, Huntingdonshire141Beeson12/12/2019
142Brockworth Court, Gloucestershire142Brockworth12/12/2019
143Serlby Hall Camp, Nottinghamshire143Serlby13/12/2019
143Carlton Hall, Nottinghamshire143Carlton13/12/2019
144Ruskin Avenue, Surrey144Ruskin13/12/2019
145Normanhurst Camp, East Sussex145Normanhurst14/12/2019
146Newton Camp, Lancashire146Newton14/12/2019
147Boar's Head Camp, Cheshire147BoarsHead14/12/2019
148Castlethorpe Camp, Lincolnshire148Castlethorpe14/12/2019
149Lee House, Hampshire149LeeHouse15/12/2019
150Cherry Hinton, Cambridge150CherryHinton15/12/2019
151Pendeford Hall, Staffordshire151Pendeford15/12/2019
151aLawn Camp, Staffordshireaka Coven Lawne151aCovenLawn16/12/2019
151bHalfpenny Green, Staffordshire151bHalfpennyGreen16/12/2019
152Old Liberal Club, Leicestershire152OldLiberal16/12/2019
153Fulney Park Camp, Lincolnshire153Fulney17/12/2019
154Swanscombe Camp, Kentaka Ministry of Works Camp154Swanscombe17/12/2019
155Hornby Hall Camp, Cumberland155Hornby17/12/2019
156The Heath Camp, Lincolnshireaka Wellingore156TheHeath2/1/2020
159 / 163Butterwick Camp, Boythorpe, Yorkshirecf 244 Butterwick159ButterwickREV 3/2/2020
160Lydiard Military Hospital, Wiltshire160LydiardMH2/1/2020
161Belfast Military Hospital, Downaka Orangefield
1945 - 1945
162Military Hospital, Naburn, Yorkshire? - 1947162NaburnMH3/1/2020
164 / 245Weston Lane, Otley, Yorkshire1944 - 1948164WestonLaneREV 6/1/2020
165Kirkwall Camp, Orkney165Kirkwall4/1/2020
165Watten Camp, Caithness1945 - 1948165Watten4/1/2020
166Wollaton Park, Nottinghamshire1945 - 1947166Wollaton5/1/2020
167Shady Lane Camp, Leicestershireaka Evington
1945 - 1948
168Brookmill Camp, Lancashire168Brookmill6/1/2020
169 / 613 / 698Tollerton Hall Camp, Nottinghamshire169Tollerton6/1/2020
170 / 292Weelsby Camp, Lincolnshire170Weelsby7/1/2020
171Isle of Man Camp, Douglasaka Mereside
1944 - 1945
171Camp A, Knowsley Park, Lancashire171Knowsley8/1/2020
171Bungay Base Camp, Suffolk171Bungay7/1/2020
172Dog and Duck Cottage,, Yorkshire172DogandDuck9/1/2020
173 / 681Rockport Camp, Down? - 1947173Rockport9/1/2020
174Norton Park Camp, Nottinghamshire? - 1948174NortonPark10/1/2020
178 / 247Ure Bank Camp, Yorkshire178UreBank10/1/2020
180 / 189Marbury Hall Camp, Cheshire1944 - 1948180Marbury11/1/2020
180Radwinter North Camp, Essex? - 1947180Radwinter11/1/2020
181 / 249Carburton, Nottinghamshire181Carburton12/1/2020
182 / 298Barony Camp, Dumfries182Barony13/1/2020
183Beckton Marshes Camp, London183Beckton13/1/2020
184Llanmartin, Monmouthshire1944 - 1948184Llanmartin14/1/2020
185Springhill Lodge, Gloucestershire1944 - 1948185Springhill14/1/2020
186Berechurch Hall Camp, Essex1944 - 1947186Berechurch18/1/.2020
186Fornham Park, Suffolk1947 - 1948186Fornham18/1/2020
187Dungannon, Tyrone187Dungannon19/1/2020
187 / 404Ivybridge Camp, DevonVery little187Ivybridge19/1/2020
188Johnstone Castle, Renfrewshire188JohnstoneCastle20/1/2020
189Dunham Park Camp, Cheshire1944 - 1946189Dunham20/1/2020
190Lissanoure Camp, Antrim1944 - 1945190Lissanoure21/1/2020
191Crewe Hall, Cheshire191CreweHall21/1/2020
192 / 240Adderley Hall, Shropshire192AdderleyHall23/1/2020
193Madeley Tile Works Camp, Cheshire193MadeleyTile23/1/2020
193Hampton Park, London193HamptonPark23/1/2020
194Teddesley Hall Camp, Staffordshire194TeddesleyHall25/1/2020
194Council Houses Camp, Staffordshire194CouncilHouses25/1/2020
195 / 241Merevale Hall Camp, Warwickshire195Merevale26/1/2020
196Arbury Hall, Warwickshire196ArburyHall26/1/2020
197The Mount Camp, Monmouthshire197TheMount27/1/2020
199Ystrad Camp, Carmarthenshire199Ystrad27/1/2020
199Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshireaka Portfield199Haverfordwest28/1/2020
200Llanover Park, Monmouthshire200Llanover28/1/2020
201Aldershot, Hampshire201Aldershot30/1/2020
230 / 618Stuckenduff Camp, Dunbartonshireaka Shandon230Stuckenduff30/1/2020
231Redgrave Park Hospital, Norfolk231RedgraveMH31/1/2020
232Northwick Park, Gloucestershire1944 - ?232NorthwickPark31/1/2020
233Summer House, Kent? - 1945233SummerHouse1/2/2020
233Findo Gask Camp, Perthshire1945 - ?233FindoGask1/2/2020
234Talgarth Hospital, Breconshire234TalgarthMH2/2/2020
235Gorhambury Park, HertfordshireV little 235Gorhambury2/2/2020
235The Arches, Hertfordshire235TheArches3/2/2020
236Ninewells Camp, Berwickshire236Ninewells3/2/2020
236White House, EssexV little236WhiteHouse5/2/2020
237Coed Bel Camp, Kent237CoedBel5/2/2020
238Brook House, Sussex238BrookHouse6/2/2020
239Weston Acres Camp, Surrey? - 1947aka Banstead239WestonAcres7/2/2020
239Shirley Church Road, Addington, Surrey 1947 - ?239ShirleyChurch7/2/2020
240 / 285Hawkstone Park, Shropshire ? - 1948240HawkstonePark8/2/2020
243Amisfield Camp, East Lothian1944 - ?243Amisfield8/2/2020
244Butterwick Camp, Malton, Yorkshirecf 159244Butterwick9/2/2020
244 / 5Butcher Hill Camp, Yorkshire244ButcherHill9/2/2020
246Basildon House, Berkshire246Basildon10/2/2020
246North Camp, Nettlebed, Oxfordshire246NorthCamp10/2/2020
248New Drill Hall, Clay Cross, DerbyshireV little248NewDrill10/2/2020
248Norton Camp, Yorkshire248Norton11/2/2020
250Thorpe Hall, Yorkshire250Thorpehall11/2/2020
251East Cams Camp, Fareham, Hampshire251EastCams11/2/2020
252Abergwili Military Hospital, Carmarthenshire252AbergwiliMH12/2/2020
253Mousehold Heath Camp, Norfolk253Mousehold12/2/2020
254Sutton Bridge Camp, Holbeach, Norfolk? - 1948254SuttonBridge13/2/2020
255RAF Camp, Snettisham, Norfolk255Snettisham13/2/2020
256Willingham House, Lincolnshire256WillinghamHouse15/2/2020
257Pennygillam Farm Camp, Cornwall257Pennygillam15/2/2020
258RAF Camp, Seething, Norfolk? - 1948258RAFSeething16/2/2020
258Ellough Airfield, Suffolk1946 - 1948258Ellough16/2/2020
259Weekley Camp, Northamptonshire1945 - 1948259Boughton17/2/2020
260Hardwick Heath Camp, Suffolk? - 1948260HardwickHeath18/2/2020
261Ampthill, Bedfordshire261Ampthill18/2/2020
262RAF Camp, Langar, Nottinghamshire
263Leckhampton Court, Gloucestershire
265Park Farm, Northamptonshire
266Hutted Camp, Essex
267Mereworth Castle Camp, Kent
268Norduck Farm, Buckinghamshire
269Mansion Potton Camp, Bedfordshire
270Luton Airport Camp, Bedfordshire
271RAF Airfield, Norfolk
272 / aDavenport House, Shropshire
273Flixton Airfield, Suffolk
273 / aDebach Airfield, Suffolk
274Errol Airfield Camp, Perthshire
275Topsite Camp, Surrey
275 / aKinnell Camp, Angus
276Nissen (Nisson) Creek, Devon
277Recreation Ground, Worcestershire
277aFladbury Golf Course, Worcestershire
278War Department Camp, Bedfordshire
279Militia Camp, Huntingdonshire
280North Lynn Farm Camp, Norfolk
281Aldborough Camp, Norfolk
282Brissenden Green Camp, Kent
283War Department Camp, Cheshire
284Swanbridge Camp, Glamorganshire
284Abbey Road Camp, Glamorganshire
286Romford Camp, Essex
286 / 654 / 655Purfleet Camp, Essex
287Perdiswell Hall, Worcestershire
289Lydiard House, Wiltshire
290Penketh Hostel, Lancashire
291Kitty Brewster Farm, Northumberland
292Donna Nook Airfield, Lincolnshire
292aKirmington, Lincolnshire
293Carronbridge Camp, Dumfries
294Fisher's Camp, Hampshire
295Cattistock Camp, Dorset
298Parkgate, Cheshire
299 / 563Godwin Camp, Yorkshire
402Lopcombe Corner, Hampshire
402aCamp C19, Hampshire
403Brockley Camp, Somerset
405Barwick House Camp, Somerset
406Scarnecross Camp, Cornwall
407Usselby Camp, Lincolnshire
408Penclawdd Camp, Glamorganshire
409Wolterton Camp, Norfolk
411The Wynches Camp, Hertfordshire
412Langdon Barracks, Kent
551Hutted Camp, Buckinghamshire
552 or 3Bolero Camp, Oxfordshire
554Woodfield Farm Camp, Gloucester
555Newark House, Gloucester
555 0r 556Merrileas Park Road, Hampshire
556Bucknowle House, Dorset
557Grand Hall, Ayrshire
558Bruna Camp, Orkney
559Abbeycraig Park, Stirling
560Newton Camp, Pembroke
560Wolf Cub House, Cardiff
561 / 583Old Woodbury Hall, Bedfordshire
562 / 681Osterley Park Camp, Middlesex
563Middleton Hall, Yorkshire
564 / 5Stretton Hall, Staffordshire
564Stable Road Camp, Yorkshire
565 / 650Rufford Abbey, Nottinghamshire
566The Grove, Worth, Sussex
566 / 625 / 660Patterton Camp, Lanarkshire
567The Mount, Whitchurch, Shropshire
567Old Field Villa, Shropshire
568Basing Gate Camp, Hampshire
569Moreby Hall, Yorkshire
569Race Course Bridges, Yorkshire
570Shardlow Hall, Shardlow, Derby
571Woodcote House, Kent
571S.T.2, Stranraer, Wigtownshire
572Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire
573Pendre Camp, Radnorshire
574 / 684Hitcham Park, Buckinghamshire
575Church Farm, Bedfordshire
575Ashton Gifford Camp, Wiltshire
576 / 644Hutted Camp, Bedfordshire
577No70. COD, (Don), Chester, Cheshire
578No9. Camp E.S.C.D. Warwickshire
579 / 594 / 781Marlborough Farm, Warwickshire
580No5. Camp, E.S.C.D. Warwickshire
581 / 632Arena Road Camp, Hampshire
581Blockston Camp, Oxfordshire
582Blairvadoch Camp, Dunbartonshire
582Sandywarren Camp, Bedforshire
584Carfax Avenue, Hampshire
585Searchlight Site Camp, Yorkshire
586Chard Hutted Camp, Somerset
586 / 609North Camp, Oxford
587White Hill Camp, Wiltshire
587 or 588Shapley House, Hampshire
588C.A.D. Grately, Hampshire
589Pylewell House, Hampshire
589Crooner House, Hampshire
590Hathern Camp, Leicestershire
590 / 616Barkby Camp, Leicestershire
591 / 626Wilcott Camp, Shropshire
592Royal Alexandra School, Surrey
593Rob Roy Camp, Stirling
595Burstwick Camp, Yorkshire
596Nine Yews Camp, Dorset
596East Deanston, Perthshire
597Ashanda, Dorset
598Barton Grange, Somerset
598Country House Hotel, Devon
599Puckridge Camp, Hampshire
599North Camp, Oxford
600Pennings Camp, Wiltshire
600Blackthorn Camp, Oxfordshire
601 / 690Thomas Street Camp, Yorkshire
602 / 641Oswaldkirk, Yorkshire
603 / 4Black North Camp, Devon
605Urpeth Lodge, Durham
605West Bolden Camp, Durham
606Binehom, Sussex
606Beanby Camp, Invernessshire
607Hutted Camp, Essex
608 / 627Royal Wanstead School, London
609 / 663Parkhouse Camp, Hampshire
611Hutted Camp, Buckinghamshire
611Harrold Hall, Bedfordshire
612Canonbie Camp, Dumfriesshire
612Honduras Camp, Dumfries
613Old Dalby Camp, Leicestershire
613Blackbeck Camp, Durham
614Stoneham Camp, Hampshire
615Holmesdale, Surrey
617Castle Goring, Sussex
617Dryffeholme Camp, Dumfrieshire
618Inveraray, Argyllshire
619Beach Camp, Caernarvonshire
619 / 620 / 642N Camp, Shropshire
621Lower Wanborough, Wiltshire
621Hartigan's Training Stables, Wiltshire
622Shapley House, Hampshire
623C Hutted Camp, Cumberland
624Ossemsley Manor, Hampshire
624Shiphay Hutments, Torquay, Devon
625Mistley AA Camp, Essex
626A/TK Range, Harlech
628Hutted Camp, Bedfordshire
629Broom Cottage Camp, Kent
629Mabledon Park, Kent
630Kilverstone Hall, Norfolk
631 / 662 / 664Stadium Camp, Yorkshire
631Seafield School, Sussex
633 / 656Boughton Camp, Nottinghamshire
633Haig Lines, Crookham, Hampshire
634 / 1008Alvaston Camp, Derbyshire
634Weston Camp, Derbyshire
635Weston Camp, Derbyshire
635Lord Mayor's Camp, Northumberland
636 / 691Cowick Hall, Yorkshire
637Centenary Road, Yorkshire
638 / 674Stratton Factory Camp, Wiltshire
640Dodds Camp, Norfolk
640St Andrew's Hall, Kirkcudbrightshire
641Earls Cross House Camp, Sutherland
643H.2 Camp, Lancashire
643Dorfold Hall Camp, Cheshire
645 / 669Cruwys Camp, Devonshire
645Quarr House, Hampshire
648King Harry Ferry Camp, Devon
649Swindon Hill Camp, Gloucestershire
651 / 659 / 1004South Camp, Shropshire
652 / 693Durnells Farm Camp, Berkshire
654aR.E.Bridging Camp, Kent
657No9 Tented Camp, Oxfordshire
657Donnington, Shropshire
657Graven Hill, Oxfordshire
658Barn House Farm, Surrey
658Hill Camp, Wiltshire
659North Camp, Shropshire
661Leffnoll Camp, Wigtownshire
661aEynsham Park, Oxfordshire
665 / 1022Cross Keys Camp, Somerset
665South Littleton, Worcestershire
666Stoberry Park, Somerset
667Byrness Camp, Northumberland
667/ aStoneleigh Camp, Warwickshire
668Aliwell (Aliwal?) Barracks, Hampshire
669West Ridge Camp, Middlesex
670St Radigunds Camp, Kent
670b / 680Shaftesbury Camp, Essex
671 / 2Fargo Camp, Wiltshire
672Popham Camp, Hampshire
673Bridestowe, Devon
673Home Park Camp, Devon
674Consols Mine Camp, Cornwall
674 / 5Old Dean Common Camp, Surrey
675Hiltingury Road, Hampshire
676Puckridge Camp, Hampshire
677New Inn Camp, Monmouthshire
678Fort Crosby, Lancashire
679Ordnance Supply Depot, Shropshire
680Harwich Transit Camp, Essex
683Bolero Camp (E30), Oxfordshire
686Moreton-on-Lugg, Herefordshire
687Shotover House, Oxfordshire
688Park Camp, Dorset
689Blackmore Camp, Worcestershire
692No 4 Camp, Cumberland
693aWhitchurch Camp, Hampshire
694Handy Cross Camp, Devon
695Borgard Barracks, Wiltshire
696Warwick Camp, Cumberland
697R A Practice Camp, Breconshire
699Tyne J Camp, Northumberland
701Sheffield Camp, Sheffield, Yorkshire
702Jurby, Isle of Man
702King's Cliffe, Northamptonshire
730Dover Camp, Kent
740Harwich Transit Camp, Essex
779Walton Hall, Warwickshire
782Huntercombe, Oxfordshire
783Dinorben Court, Hampshire
784Thorndon Hall, Essex
785AA Camp, Yorkshire
793Bulwell Hall, Nottingham
801Castel Camp, Channel Islands
802Fort Regent, Channel Islands
866Stanhope Camp, Kent
1000Oakhanger Camp, Hampshire
1001Crookham Common Camp, Berkshire
1002Hothfield Common, Kent
1003Capel House Camp, Middlesex
1005Barby Camp, Warwickshire
1006Willems Barracks, Hampshire
1007No 14 A F V Depot, Yorkshire
1009Northway Camp, Gloucestershire
1010Weedon Camp, Northamptonshire
1011Camp D-30, Oxfordshire
1012Canwick Camp, Lincolnshire
1013 / 1024Deer Park Camp, Midlothian
1014Ordnance Storage Depot, Flintshire
1015Station Road, Yorkshire
1016Olddean Common, Surrey
1017No 2 Camp, Sheffield Park, Sussex
1019Beaumont Barracks, Hampshire
1020Shooter's Hill, London
1021Merley Park, Dorset
1022Bradninch Camp, Devon
1025Histon Camp, Cambridgeshire
1026Raynes Park Camp, Surrey